Say Goodbye to Stumbling in the Dark!

This super-bright Motion Sensor Night Light turns on automatically when you walk by, so you never have to bump into things in the dark again!

Introducing the Improved LED Rechargeable Motion Sensor Light – the convenient and automatic lighting solution for your entire home.

Never fumble for a light switch again with this motion-activated night light. It turns on instantly when it detects movement, providing a bright and soft light that’s perfect for navigating hallways, closets, cabinets, pantries, and more.
Here’s What Makes This Light Even Better
Improved Long-Lasting Battery: This upgraded light boasts a 50% larger battery capacity, lasting for months on auto-mode with a single charge. Brighter Than Ever: Enjoy 50% increased brightness for even better visibility in dark spaces. Enhanced Motion Sensor: The refined sensor offers reliable detection within a 16ft range and 120-degree angle. Easy & Versatile Installation: Choose from magnetic mounting, adhesive pads, or a hanging keyhole for a perfect fit anywhere.
More than just convenient, this light is:
Energy-saving: The built-in rechargeable battery eliminates the need for wasteful disposable batteries. Eye-Caring: The light features a soft, flicker-free design that’s gentle on your eyes. Safe & Reliable: The cool white or warm white light options provide clear illumination without overheating.
Saves money! No more buying batteries all the time. Easy on your eyes! Soft, gentle light that won’t hurt. Stays cool! Safe to use anywhere.
Still Stubbing Your Toes in the Dark? Everyone Else Upgraded to Hassle-Free Lighting!

Tired of tripping over boxes in dark closets? Fumbling for a light switch in the pantry?

While you’re stuck in the dim ages, everyone else is enjoying the magic of automatic lighting with the Improved Motion Sensor Light!


This handy little puck light turns on instantly when it senses you, bathing your space in a bright, gentle glow. No more wasted energy on lights that stay on all night, and no more scrambling for a switch!


Here’s what you’re missing out on:

uper Long Battery Life: Months of illumination on a single charge! (Seriously, you won’t believe it!)
Crazy Bright Light: See everything crystal clear, even in the deepest corners.
Smarter Sensor: Picks up on movement from far away, so the light’s on when you need it.
Sticks Anywhere: Magnets, sticky pads, hanging holes – you choose!
Plus, it’s:


Eco-Friendly: Saves money and the planet by ditching disposable batteries.
Easy on the Eyes: Soft, flicker-free light that won’t leave you seeing spots.
Cool to the Touch: Safe for anywhere in your home, even around kids and pets.
Don’t get left behind!


Upgrade your home to automatic lighting and ditch the darkness for good.


You need not worry, We Have Made our Motion sensor Light Super Affordable for You… To help Keep Your Home safe.

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2- LIGHTS = ₦19,500


4- LIGHTS = ₦38,000

6- LIGHTS = ₦57,000

8- LIGHTS = ₦75,000

10- LIGHTS = ₦90,000

20- LIGHTS = ₦175,000

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